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Review: Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Key West

Recently we had the pleasure of an off-season stay at the luxurious Casa Marina in Key West. Even though we knew the weather would be less than ideal (hot and thunderstorms), we wanted to celebrate our anniversary in a place that is special to us. And we’ve long wanted to stay at this historic hotel [...]

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My Faith in Humanity Can’t be Restored

One of the dumbest features in the Orlando Sentinel is the Ticked Off! column – and I confess I read it every day. After I finish laughing at the absurd things that tick people off (and often also at the way those submissions are written), I read the “Flip Side,” which are usually reports of [...]

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What the First Amendment Really Means About Free Speech

Recently I received a comment on my business blog that was extremely insulting to me and one of my clients. In the midst of an error-riddled diatribe that included name-calling and threats, the anonymous commenter wrote: “This is my personal opinion and is protected by the first amendment. You better post this because not posting would [...]

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Did George Zimmerman Get Away with Murder?

In an interview with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America,” Juror B29 said that George Zimmerman got away with murder. It was a great sound bite. But if you watch the entire interview, you see that the juror didn’t volunteer that opinion. She did say that she initially voted in favor of convicting Zimmerman of [...]

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Well Stop Adding Those Extra Unnecessary Pronouns

What's the deal with news anchors and reporters adding unnecessary and incorrect pronouns to their stories? I understand that it’s easy to make grammar missteps or construct awkward sentences in casual conversation (I do it all the time -- and cringe when I hear what's coming out of my mouth!), but when you’re a media [...]

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Who Wants to be Middle Class?

I’m probably a part of what Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other Democrats refer to as the middle class – and it offends me. Let’s take a look at the definition of the word class, which has a number of meanings. One is the education-related meaning (a body of students, the period during which such [...]

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Adopt a Senior Dog from a Rescue Organization

If you're thinking about adding a pet to your family, please give serious consideration to adopting from a rescue organization. Here's a video of Doodles, our quirky little senior poodle we adopted from Florida Poodle Rescue: Some benefits of adopting older dogs through a reputable rescue: They've spent some time with a foster family who [...]

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