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Are you looking for affordable images for your blog and website?

Images that convey your specific message?

Images that won’t put you at risk of copyright violation charges?

In today’s increasingly visual culture, there is no place where images are more important than in supporting your online presence.

And the challenge with that is:

  • Finding and purchasing good stock images is time-consuming and expensive.
  • If you don’t own the rights to what you use on your website, you could face some serious legal and reputation issues.
  • If you use stock images that are genuinely free (yes, there are plenty of those out there), at best your visitors will recognize the images from other sites –
    at worst, your blog or website will scream: “I’m too cheap to pay for decent images!” Is that the impression you want to make?

There is an affordable solution:

Faith Works Images for Impact





Faith Works Images for Impact are original images – beautiful, high-quality photographs – that you can easily customize (we show you how) for use on your blog, website, social media and presentations using software you probably already have on your computer.

Each Images for Impact collection includes at least 50 unique, original images by award-winning photographer Jerry D. Clement – and most include 100 or more. To purchase images of this quality on any of the major stock image sites, you would pay $10 to $20 or more per image – we know because Jerry sells his images on iStock.

To make it easy for you to find the right image for your needs, each Images for Impact collection contains five themes (sets of images) with multiple variations of each image.

Images for Impact Buy Now!

Here’s what makes Faith Works Images for Impact unique:

The images are set up in PowerPoint files and each collection comes with detailed instructions on how to customize the images for your specific needs.

You’ll get a set of written instructions, access to video tutorials, plus a copy of the valuable ebook Create Your Own Custom Images: How to Create Unique Images for Your Blog, Website, Social Media and Presentations by Jacquelyn Lynn.

What’s a package like this worth?

As we’ve said, you could easily expect to pay hundreds of dollars for limited rights to the original photography alone.

When we did our market research on this product, our beta testers told us they would be happy to pay $100 and more for a package of this quality that is this flexible and easy to use.

But we wanted to create something that individuals and small business owners operating on a budget could afford – something that would let you quickly and easily create custom images that will enhance your blog, website and social media efforts.

Faith Works Images for Impact collections start at just $27.

Images for Impact Buy Now!

Each collection contains:

  • Anywhere from 80 to 130 variations of 50 to 80 original images in five different themes (categories)
  • Complete instructions on how to customize the images for your particular needs
  • Access to video tutorials and
  • The valuable ebook Create Your Own Custom Images: How to Create Unique Images for Your Blog, Website, Social Media and Presentations by Jacquelyn Lynn

All starting at only $27!

For details on each collection so you can choose the one (or ones!) you want, click here.
Each collection is available for immediate download.

Here are a few examples of ways you can use Images for Impact:

Faith Works Images for Impact Example

Faith Works Images for Impact Example

We don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep our prices this low, so act now.

Get Images for Impact Now!

Our guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Faith Works Images for Impact purchase, simply delete the files from your system and let us know. We’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

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