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Just kidding? Maybe you shouldn’t

The statement was insulting, even cruel. Then the person who said it smiled and added, “Just kidding.” Do you know people who do that? We all do—in fact, I have several of them I regularly encounter in business, socially and even in church. And I don’t think they’re kidding. For whatever reason, they feel compelled [...]

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Could Benign Neglect be the Best Government Policy?

I love plants but only the hardiest of them can survive my lack of gardening skills. A couple of recent plant-related incidents made me think we would all be a lot better off if our legislators governed the way I care for my plants. Incident 1: Orchid Cactus - photo by Jerry D Clement [...]

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Ripoff Report, Reputation Management & Google

I’ve had a number of clients over the years that have suffered serious reputation damage due to Ripoff Report. As you may know, Ripoff Report is a website that allows people to post anonymous complaints about companies and individuals. The complaints aren’t verified and will not be taken down, even if the target of the [...]

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What’s in Your Wallet?

Seriously, do you know what's in your wallet? If your wallet was lost or stolen, would you know what was in it so you could promptly deal with it? You may be able to quickly identify your primary credit cards and driver's license, but think about all the things we carry with us that we [...]

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