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Cell Phone Pictures Help Protect Kids and Elderly

Parents: Take a picture of your kids every morning.

Use your cell phone’s camera to snap a picture of your kids every morning. Make it part of your standard getting-ready-for-school routine.

If something should happen to your child that day (if your child gets lost, is abducted or is involved in an accident), you have an up-to-date image of what your child looks like and is wearing that can be quickly provided to law enforcement officials. It won’t be necessary to search through photographs taken at a different time under different circumstances that may not accurately reflect your child’s appearance that day—and you won’t have to hope that you accurately remembered what your child was wearing.

The next morning, the picture can easily be deleted or, if you prefer, stored to create a daily pictorial record of your child’s life.

The same strategy can be applied to the elderly—in particular, those suffering dementia who might wander off from a caregiver.

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Jacquelyn Lynn

Jacquelyn Lynn is an inspirational author, business writer and ghostwriter whose credits include more than 30 traditional books, 3,000+ magazine articles, ebooks, blogs, white papers, and more.

She is the author of Words to Work By: 31 devotions for the workplace based on the Book of Proverbs and Finding Joy in the Morning: You can make it through the night. She is also the co-creator of several coloring books for adults.
Jacquelyn Lynn
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