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What’s in Your Wallet?

Seriously, do you know what's in your wallet? If your wallet was lost or stolen, would you know what was in it so you could promptly deal with it? You may be able to quickly identify your primary credit cards and driver's license, but think about all the things we carry with us that we [...]

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Cell Phone Pictures Help Protect Kids and Elderly

Parents: Take a picture of your kids every morning. Use your cell phone's camera to snap a picture of your kids every morning. Make it part of your standard getting-ready-for-school routine. If something should happen to your child that day (if your child gets lost, is abducted or is involved in an accident), you have an up-to-date image [...]

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Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions – At New Year’s or Anytime You Make Them

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I make resolutions all year long—some of them I keep, some I don’t, and some get changed along the way. These tips will help you keep your resolutions, whether you’re making them at New Year’s or any other time during the [...]

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If you look for the worst, you’ll find it

Whatever you focus on is what you’ll get. I have a number of liberal friends and I recognize that there are millions of people I don’t know who are liberal, progressives or whatever other left-describing label they prefer. Many of them are studying Donald Trump and seizing on every negative thing they can find to [...]

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Blessing Others with Consideration and Respect

My husband and I are blessed with a wonderful family and more friends than we can count. When it comes to economic status, those family members and friends span the full spectrum, from barely getting by to serious wealth and everything in between. Recently I read a couple of blogs on Money Saving Mom that were rich [...]

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Low Voter Turnout Doesn’t Bother Me

From the time I was old enough, I've never missed an opportunity to vote. There was one time I forgot to turn the ballot over and missed voting for a candidate I was supporting, but I never made that mistake again and I've always made it to the polls. Voting is important—especially in our republican [...]

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