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Why I Won’t Accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We can’t contribute to every good cause. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a social media sensation. Everyone who has responded deserves kudos for helping to raise awareness and funds for this disease. But! Always a “but,” right? We can’t contribute to every good cause that comes along, and we shouldn’t feel shamed when [...]

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We Must Be Able to Decline Business for Personal Reasons

I have a policy that I don’t work with people I don’t like or am not comfortable with for any reason. Those people are absolutely welcome to purchase any of my books, and I appreciate that business. But I will not work with them as a writer or consultant helping them create their own books [...]

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Gene Rooks: Reflections on a Well-Lived Life

Children take the adults in their world for granted. Often, it’s not until we are well into our own adulthood that we recognize the impact that the grown-ups who seemed to be “just there” had on who we became. My Aunt Gene (yes, her name was spelled the “boy’s” way) was one of those people [...]

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Operation Liberation: Volunteering to be a Victim

When I volunteered to be a victim at a mass casualty emergency exercise, I didn’t know I would end up with my neck cut and would “die” at the hospital. But I had a lot of fun, and maybe the emergency responders learned something that will help them save someone else’s life. Before things [...]

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On the Issue of Integrity: Obeying the Law Isn’t Always Enough

The recent political scandal of Hillary Clinton’s emails while she was secretary of state raises the question: Is it enough to obey the law? I don’t think so. Laws and other government regulations are in place to protect us from the actions of others. They are not there to assure that we live ethical, moral lives. [...]

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Why It’s So Easy to be Dishonest

Recently I received an email from someone that contained several statements that I knew to be absolutely untrue – and because some of the statements were about me, I was amazed that the sender could tell such blatant lies and do it in writing where there would be no deniability. Someone else who received the [...]

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