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What can I pray for today?

One of the keys to living a joyful life is prayer.

Go to God in prayer every day. Do this not just when you need something, not just when you’re on autopilot and chanting a quick prayer while you’re thinking of something else, but have a focused, purposeful time of prayer every day.

Excerpt from Finding Joy in the Morning: You can make it through the night

What can you pray for today? In no particular order, here are some suggestions.

Pray for:

Those facing evil

Those facing temptation

Those dealing with challenging financial issues

Those facing illness and health problems

Those who are hungry

Those who are dealing with disappointment

Those who are grieving

Those who are hurting

Those who are lonely

Those who are facing difficult decisions

Those with unspoken needs

Your pastor

Your church staff

Your congregation

Your neighbors

Your friends

Your country

Those who hold leadership positions

Those who serve your country

Your enemies

Your parents

Your children

Your family

Your own personal growth

Businesses, including those you might own, the ones you patronize, the ones that are part of our economic system

Co-workers, colleagues, customers and competitors

For those who are helping you reach your goals

Peace and harmony, especially among those with differing opinions




Pray that:

You will always believe in, believe and trust God

You will hear the messages God sends you every day

Others will use you to see God

You will use the gifts God has given you to honor him

You may always be of service to others, always be the hands of the Lord on Earth


Who or what else can you pray for? Please share in the comments below.

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Jacquelyn Lynn is an inspirational author, business writer and ghostwriter whose credits include more than 35 traditional books, 3,000+ magazine articles, ebooks, blogs, white papers, and more.

She the author of the novel Choices (A Joyful Cup Story) as well as the nonfiction books Words to Work By: 31 devotions for the workplace based on the Book of Proverbs and Finding Joy in the Morning: You can make it through the night. She is also the co-creator of several coloring books for adults.
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