Announcing our new free e-training: How to Create Your Own Custom Images with Software You Probably Already Have and Know How to Use.

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We’ve developed an online training course that shows you how to create your own images using software you probably already have and know how to use (or can get for free).

The training program consists of four lessons delivered via email that you can either read or watch on video—or both. The video also includes demonstrations of the process you’ll learn how to do in the text.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you need images to support your online presence
  • Some of the ways to find those images, including stock photography
  • What royalty-free means
  • How to create your own customized images using software you probably already have
  • How to format the text in your images for maximum readability and impact
  • How to name your image files for search engine optimization
  • The importance of alt text
  • And more!

Go here to sign up for the course. Your first lesson will be delivered to your inbox within an hour, and then you’ll receive one each day for the next three days.