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Blogging for Pastors | Jacquelyn Lynn


For pastors, other clergy and lay leaders: Learn the power of blogging as a tool to increase your connection with your existing congregations, grow your churches, manage and enhance your personal reputations, increase your own visibility as well as that of your church and other ministry work, and more.



Blogging for Pastors

How Pastors and Churches Can use Blogging to Share their Messages, Grow their Congregations and More!

Jacquelyn Lynn

Question for clergy: Do you have a blog?

Blogging for Pastors introduces pastors and other clergy members the power of blogging as a tool to:

  • increase your connection with your existing congregation
  • grow your churches
  • manage and enhance your personal reputations
  • increase your own visibility as well as that of your church or other ministry work
  • and more.

Blogging for Pastors explains:

  • what blogs are and how to use them
  • why pastors and other clergy members should blog
  • what makes an effective blog
  • how to create great content
  • how to set up and name your blog
  • how much time and effort your blog will require
  • legal issues to be aware of
  • and more.

Written in a simple conversational style, Blogging for Pastors tells you what you need to know to launch and manage your blog. Though the book itself is a quick read, it doesn’t promise instant results. Jacquelyn Lynn is honest when she explains the work involved in creating a blog that will meet your personal, ministry and professional goals. But the effort is worth it. Read Blogging for Pastors now, follow the steps and watch your ministry grow!



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