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What Jackie Thinks2018-09-02T15:28:37-04:00

Are you looking for WhatJackieThinks.com?

That blog has been taken down, thanks to the work of a hacker.

Most of the content has been moved to Jacquelyn Lynn’s personal blog on this site, so please use the navigation tabs at the top or the search function to find what you’re looking for.

Here’s the story:

I set up WhatJackieThinks.com in 2012 as a personal blog to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences. It was intended as a place for me to say things that might not be appropriate for my business blog and to encourage dialog with my readers.

It was fun until about December 2014, when the site was hijacked. Apparently, a hacker planted some malicious code, probably through a vulnerability in a plug-in, that redirected my site to a George Thorogood video.

That video has received hundreds of thousands of views and is earning some decent advertising revenue. But it’s doing it dishonestly, at the expense of legitimate bloggers.

I did everything the security experts recommend. Using Wordfence, I located and removed the malicious code. I changed my log-in credentials. I submitted the site to Google for recrawling. But I could not fix the problem without spending hundreds of dollars (possibly more) hiring technicians to clean it up.

So I took it down and started over. Thanks for visiting. Please use the navigation tabs at the top of the page to browse around.

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