“Phenomenal ghostwriter. Savvy strategist. Fun to work with. Hire her!”

Jonathan Bernstein, President, Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

“Jacquelyn is an experienced ghostwriter and blogger who can write on any subject. She has the uncanny ability to match the voice of the author without sacrificing writing and grammar rules. Jacquelyn is proactive and will suggest topics for your blog and also find ways to enhance the topics you give her. She is highly professional and reliable. Her work is always submitted on time and on topic. I highly recommend hiring Jacquelyn for your next writing project!”

Meredith Oliver, aka The Digital Diva, founder and president of Creating WOW Communications

“Jacquelyn Lynn has worked with me on four books (five if you count the Building Wealth revision). While the content is indeed mine, none of my books would have been books without her. Jackie is a great friend, a superb writer and has the patience of a saint.”

Russ Whitney, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and bestselling author

“Hiring Jackie Lynn to write my blog is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Can I write my own blog? Sure, and I fancy myself a halfway decent writer. But having Jackie take on that responsibility for me frees up my time to focus on other areas of my business that need my attention. I wish I had met Jackie a loooong time ago! She has been a blessing to my business.”

Marc Burgess, Marc Burgess Productions

“Creative writing is not easy. Creative writing that can influence others is the most difficult. Jackie is such a writer who can take what you wanted to say, what you meant to say, and put it into words that get your message across. Not an easy task. Jackie is great at it.”

Alan M. Shafer, Alliant Marketing Solutions

“There’s no one else I’d rather work with; Jackie meets her deadlines, does what she says she’s going to, and is a terrific wordsmith. I’m not sure there’s another technical ghostwriter out there with her marketing finesse, business acumen, and keen wit. She’s sharp. She even made a book about tax codes sexy and engaging. If you get a chance to work with her, grab it. She knows the art of making a good book great.”

Ellie Maas Davis, author of The Humours of Folly and owner of Pressque Editing

“Jacquelyn Lynn is a true professional. I have hired Jacquelyn as a writer on 10 of my books, and every time she turns in a polished, well-written, thorough manuscript–on deadline! Her work requires only light editing and little fact-checking because I can always count on her to get the facts right the first time.”

Marla Markman, Editor & Project Manager, Markman Editorial Services

“If you are looking for a topnotch writer that is detail-oriented, who will meet every deadline and who will provide the best product for you or your company, Jacquelyn is the writer for you. Not only does she produce top quality writing, she immerses herself in the culture of the company she is working with so that she understands it from the inside out. In addition to working to learn everything she can about our industry, she has continually educated herself to help us better market ourselves through social media. And, in learning about our industry, she has also been an excellent source for providing ‘outside of the box’ thinking for problem-solving within our organization. Jacquelyn has been an excellent writer and resource. She is now a colleague and friend I call on often for assistance.”

Gina Anton, Director of Corporate Communications, JK Harris & Company

“Jacquelyn is a pleasure to deal with. Her work arrives on time, well planned, and well written. She is knowledgeable and responsive–an absolute professional. I highly recommend her for any speaking or writing opportunities.”

Karen Billipp, Owner, Eliot House Productions

“What a superb writer Jacquelyn is … able to take dry and complicated subject matter and communicate it in a clear and enjoyable manner. She was often provided a messy and sketchy concept but her independent research and engaging writing style always resulted in a sharp and engaging article. Plus she’s a wonderful person–always a pleasure to work with. Jacquelyn’s creative mind and attention to detail make working with her very productive and a daily pleasure.”

Larry Phillips, Creative Director, Tigrent Learning

“Jacquelyn Lynn is an extremely talented and versatile writer who can undertake any writing assignment with proficiency, knowledge, and authority. I have been very fortunate to have worked with Jackie on several projects and her passion for her work always shines through. Not only is she a dear friend, she has been a wonderful mentor.”

Charlene Davis, Freelance Writer

“Jacquelyn is absolutely the best writer I have ever worked with. She works as part of the team and is committed to her clients. She is capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously and always delivers her work on time. Jacquelyn has great ideas for the benefit of her clients that are often outside the scope of her contracted work. Our company has implemented many of these ideas which have ranged in topic from creative ways to enhance marketing and communication initiatives to cost savings ideas for the company as a whole. I recommend using Jacquelyn for any of your professional writing needs.”

Anne Dandridge, Corporate Communications Director, Whitney Information Network, Inc.

“Jackie and I gave a presentation together on professional networking at a writers conference several years ago. She’s truly an expert on this subject and an excellent public speaker. I have interviewed Jackie on subjects including the writing life and her successful business books. Her insightful quotations appear in many of my books and articles. She’s hard-working, completely reliable, and highly intelligent–a real pleasure to work with.”

Leslie C. Halpern, Author/Freelance Writer