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If All You Can Do is Pray, Pray!

  Below is an edited transcript of the video: If all you can do is pray, then pray. Pray with passion, pray with enthusiasm, pray without ceasing. So often I hear people who know people in need and they’d like to help, but for whatever reason they can’t. Maybe the person is in another city [...]

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Do Your Research Before You Commit and Pay

Recently a friend asked if I’d ever heard of a particular pay-to-publish company that someone she knew was considering as a publisher for a book. I hadn’t, but I decided to see what I could find out. So I Googled two phrases: [company name] scam [company name] reviews In addition to the company’s website, I [...]

Product Review: Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (38″)

Focus on the Subject I purchased this softbox from Adorama.com because I was looking for a speedlight modifier that focuses most of the light onto the subject and has very little light spill onto the background or the surrounding area. I was attracted to this softbox, in particular, because of the price. It sells for [...]

I’ll put the fear of God in you

Fearing God isn’t a bad thing. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “I’ll put the fear of God into you,” you know it’s not meant as a nurturing, comforting promise. Merriam-Webster defines the idiom this way: to frighten (someone) very badly It saddens me to hear my faith distorted like that. When referring to God, [...]

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Organize Your Open Browser Tabs

I’ve never been good about remembering to close cabinet doors in the kitchen, so I guess it’s no surprise that I don’t close browser tabs, either. I always have multiple browser tabs open on my computer at any given time. In my defense, when it comes to browser tabs, it’s often more efficient to leave [...]

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Three Bites to Get Started Writing a Nonfiction Book

  Edited transcript of the video: Do you want to write a book but you just don’t know where to start? When I talk to people about writing a book, the process seems so overwhelming to them. They may have a great story to tell or a great message to share, but they don’t know [...]

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Saying “Don’t Worry” Can Make People Worry

When you say, “Don’t worry,” you’re telling me I should worry. I’m not talking about trying to comfort someone who is already worried (although when does simply saying “don’t worry” ever stop someone from worrying?), I’m talking about prefacing a statement with, “Don’t worry” and then saying something that might be worrisome. When you do [...]

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There’s a Difference Between Leadership and Guidance

People lead, God guides Recently I saw Peter Lowe give a presentation to a group of Christian businesspeople about building businesses that are God-directed, not goal-directed. Nestled among the wealth of information he shared was this powerful nugget: There is a distinction between leadership and guidance. We are called to lead, not guide. God guides. [...]

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Why I Volunteer with the Christian Chamber

Here's why I volunteer with the Christian Chamber—and an invitation to join me! In the Chamber, we talk a lot about serving—about how we serve others, about servant leadership. We know that Jesus was a servant. He set the example we should follow. Servant members are essential to the Chamber. For the Chamber to accomplish [...]

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A Reader’s Responses to Shareable Saturday

When 10 seconds of inspiration makes you think We love the feedback we get about our Shareable Saturday emails, and we’re proud that one of our biggest fans is Mark Goldstein, who serves as the Central Florida area director for Christian Leadership Concepts. Sometimes he’s thoughtful and insightful, sometimes he’s just funny (and a bit [...]

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