A Book of Proverbs - coverA Book of Proverbs: Wisdom of the Ages from Around the World

Compiled by Jacquelyn Lynn

Photographs by Jerry D. Clement

Available in Kindle format on Amazon, $2.99

A proverb is a brief saying or adage that offers guidance or expresses a belief or opinion that is generally thought to be true.

A Book of Proverbs contains more than 500 maxims organized by topic. This is an easy-to-use resource for anyone who needs quick access to brief, inspirational and motivational messages. It’s ideal for marketing professionals, teachers, speakers, preachers, social media experts, writers and more.

The book includes images of some of the proverbs over beautiful original photographs by Jerry D. Clement.  Click here to download the full set of images to use in your social media posts, presentations and elsewhere.

Topics include:

  • Action & Achievement
  • Character & Reputation
  • Children
  • Courage & Strength
  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Life & Living
  • Love
  • Time
  • Wealth & Money
  • Wisdom
  • and more

Click here to download A Book of Proverbs from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, download the free Kindle app.