Faith Words - Faith Works Adult Coloring BookWe’re preparing to release our next adult coloring book, Faith Words, in just a few days, and we have two more books in production for release over the summer.

What’s making our coloring books—and others like them—so popular?

We did some research on the benefits of coloring and thought we’d share some of the more interesting information we found:

In a Mayo Clinic Minute, Vivien Williams explains how coloring can help you focus and stay in the moment.

Watch the video: “Mayo Clinic Minute: Benefits of Coloring”

At, Jacob Olesen’s post on the therapeutic benefits of coloring books for adults explains that coloring involves both logic and creativity, which means it activates both sides of the brain. Coloring for adults helps spark creativity and is a perfect therapy for many diseases.

Read the full post: “10 Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring Books for Adults”

Kristian Wilson writes that adult coloring books make your life brighter. She says mental health professionals, including famed psychiatrist Carl Jung, have prescribed coloring for their patients for the past 100 years. Coloring also helps your fine motor skills and vision. As a bonus, it’s free decoration.

Read the full post: “7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Will Make Your Life a Whole Lot Brighter”

Faith Works Adult Coloring Books Christian Meditations In an article for Medical Daily, Dana Dovey discusses the healing power of art and explains how adult coloring presents a creative venture without the need for artistic flair. She explains the physical and emotional changes that occur in adults when we color.

Read the full post: “The Therapeutic Science of Adult Coloring Books: How this Childhood Pastime Helps Adults Relieve Stress”

A Lifehack post lists benefits of adult coloring that include reduced stress, increased focus and the possibility that coloring may delay or even prevent dementia in the elderly.

Read the full post: “7 Amazing Benefits of Coloring for Adults”

Pop star Justin Bieber posted a completed page from an adult coloring book on Instagram. (The book Bieber used was not just for grown-ups it was also adult-themed—nothing like the Faith Works Adult Coloring Books.) Writer Kyle Jaeger says that Bieber’s subject matter isn’t the point and lists a number of mental health benefits of adult coloring books.

Read the full post (and see what Justin Bieber colored): “Why Adult Coloring Books are Good for Your Health”

In a Washington Post article, Nora Krug discussed how coloring can help adults who are grieving and how coloring books work like other mindfulness techniques such as yoga and meditation.

Read the full post: “Why Adult Coloring Books are the Latest Trend”

Finally, even comic strip artists understand the value of adult coloring books.

Check out the Baldo comic strip from May 14 and see what happens when Gracie gives Papi an adult coloring book.

Share your thoughts on the benefits of coloring for grown-ups below.

Have a colorful day!


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