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Jacquelyn Lynn on Moments with Marianne Radio Show

Listen as Marianne Pestana interviews Jacquelyn Lynn about her book, Finding Joy in the Morning.     Go here for complete details and ordering information about Finding Joy in the Morning, Finding Joy Journal and Finding Joy in the Morning Adult Coloring Book. Find out more about Moments with Marianne at http://www.mariannepestana.com/momentswithmarianne/ Listen to the [...]

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How to Survive an Active Shooter – 2nd edition

Do You Know What to do in an Active Shooter Situation? How to Survive an Active Shooter 2nd Edition Now Available The motives are varied and not always known but the numbers are clear: Active shooter incidents are on the rise. Even more frightening is that attackers are using a variety of weapons: firearms, knives, [...]

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Stealing Could Get Expensive

The Copyright Alternative Small Claims Enforcement Act (CASE) of 2017 could make it easier for photographers and other artists to file and win copyright disputes. The bipartisan bill would make it easier for musicians and artists to protect their creative work. According to a news release, U.S. Representatives Hakeem Jeffries and Tom Marino have introduced [...]

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Images, Rights and Lawsuits – Oh, My!

Do photographers really get a kick out of suing people? Of course not. But they deserve to be paid for their work. If you use their images without permission or compensation, you might get sued. Photographer John Aldred posted a great blog on diyphotography.net about an “internet entrepreneur” who seems to think that artists put [...]

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Creating a Joyful Workplace

Can—and should—there be joy in the workplace? Absolutely! Joyful people are the ones who show amazing strength and resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges and somehow manage to enjoy peace during life’s toughest times. Those are the people you want in your professional world. Whether you’re the owner of a company with multiple employees, [...]

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Teleprompter Pro: Excellent App, Outstanding Customer Service

As the video side of our business grows, we recently decided it was time for a new teleprompter. The equipment we bought works with our Surface Pro computer, but we needed to purchase software separately. Jerry found the Teleprompter Pro, a great app that works on our computers as well as our smartphones. Most of [...]

Jacquelyn Lynn Talks About Finding Joy

With the recently-released second edition of Finding Joy in the Morning, Jacquelyn Lynn shares her thoughts on having a joyful life. Watch clips of the interview: Once you’ve found joy, will your life be perfect? What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Why keep a joy journal?   Finding Joy in the Morning: You can [...]

Finding Joy in the Morning: Book, Journal & Coloring Book

Finding Joy in the Morning: You can make it through the night (second edition) is now available. You can enjoy incredible peace during some of life’s toughest times! In this updated and expanded edition of Finding Joy in the Morning, you’ll learn how to: Find the peace and joy that comes with knowing God is [...]

Product Review: Write Better with Grammarly

When it has to be right and you can’t remember those obscure grammar rules, where do you turn? There are some good grammar websites out there, but searching them for the answer to a question can be time-consuming. The spelling and grammar checker built into Word is good as far as it goes, but the [...]

How to Send Error-Free Emails

Have you ever been embarrassed by a mistake in an email you sent? Whether you’re creating marketing emails that go out to thousands of people, writing business emails that go individually or in small groups to colleagues and clients, or just emailing to your family and friends, accuracy and clarity are essential for effective communication. [...]