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Just Say What You Mean

Whether writing or speaking, your goal should be to communicate, not to impress. Many years ago, I was at a Mensa gathering. It was a games night and we were playing Password. I usually do well at word games, but not this time. My partner decided he wanted to show off his expansive vocabulary rather [...]

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Book Review: 10 Publishing Myths

10 Publishing Myths: Insights Every Author Needs to Succeed W. Terry Whalin Morgan James Publishing The best source for information is someone who has “been there, done that”—and when it comes to publishing, W. Terry Whalin has been there, done that, and generously shares what he knows in 10 Publishing Myths. I wish this book [...]

Book Review: The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours: 52 Choices for Happier Lives Barbara Dahlgren Redemption Press   The Choice is Yours is a compilation from a weekly blog Barbara Dahlgren has written for the past five years. The book includes 52 life choices, so it works as a one-year weekly study you can do alone or in a [...]

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Book Review: Dreaming of the Majors

Dreaming of the Majors, Living In the Bush Dick “Lefty” O’Neal Redemption Press I became a baseball fan late in life. My husband loves baseball so when we were dating, I watched games with him because I knew he enjoyed it. And gradually, I began to appreciate the game—it’s intricacies, funny superstitions and wonderful traditions. [...]

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10 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

Aspiring authors often ask if they should self-publish or try going with a traditional publisher. Of course, it’s a decision they’ll make based on their specific situation and goals, but here are 10 points that may tip the scales in favor of self-publishing. When you self-publish: 1. You have creative control. When you self-publish, you [...]

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An interview with Susie Kinslow Adams

Tell us about your book: Patches Farmland Adventures is more than coloring/puzzle book; every other page is filled with fun chatter from Patches the Turtle about the work page to follow. The books are designed so families and friends can enjoy them together. Patches Farmland Adventures features contest winners as varied as twins age 8 [...]

Book Review: Essential Oils

Essential Oils Terri Secrest Whitaker House An Amazing, Faith-filled, Inspirational Book In her quest to share the rich, abundant benefits of essential oils, Teri Secrest has written an amazing, faith-filled, inspirational book. The book opens with Teri sharing her own journey with essential oils, which began with a youthful curiosity about why the wise men [...]

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Book Review: Glimpses of God

Glimpses of God: A Winter Devotional for Women Shirley Crowder & Harriet Michael Entrusted Books Winter devotions for any time of year These devotions focus on winter, but they can be uplifting and offer hope any time of the year. Authors Harriet E. Michael and Shirley Crowder do a wonderful job weaving their own experiences [...]

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Observations on Veterans Day

Veterans Day marks the anniversary of the end of World War I, when major hostilities ceased at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. It has evolved into a holiday that celebrates the service of all veterans (different from Memorial Day, which remembers those who died in service). I [...]

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An interview with Kim M. Clark

Tell us about your book: Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze refocuses your perspective on God who provides all the necessary peace, hope, and grace to withstand even the darkest storms. What better time to prepare for a trial than before you are immersed in one? Trials are a part of life—there is no escaping them [...]