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We accept quality articles on topics that Create! Teach! Inspire!2017-10-01T15:27:13-04:00

We welcome guest blogs on a variety of topics. We look for faith-based articles that encourage creativity, educate the reader and provide inspiration.

We ask for original content — a rewrite of an existing article is fine, just as long as you change it sufficiently to avoid a duplicate content ding. If you have images, great; if you don’t, we’ll create them. Include a brief author bio with a link back to your site.

We do not pay guest bloggers. All contributions are subject to acceptance and editing.

Query before sending your articles; let us know your topic, length and website. 

While we consider any topic, currently we are specifically looking for posts about:

  • Christian lifestyles
  • Living a Christian life in today’s world
  • Forgiveness 
  • Christian devotions
  • Christianity and faith in the workplace
  • Finding joy in today’s world
  • Personal stories about being intentional about finding and sharing joy
  • Adult coloring
  • Christian adult coloring books
  • Benefits of coloring for adults
  • Coloring supplies for adults
  • Personal experiences of adults who color
  • Adult coloring books as gifts

Email us at CTIBlog @ contacttcs.com or visit our contact page.

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