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Attitude and Motivation

Imposter Syndrome

They're Productive Overachievers in Everyone’s Eyes but Their Own Imposter Syndrome sufferers are high achievers who secretly believe they have been overestimated. They fear that at any time the “truth” about them will become known. When Brian was promoted to general manager of his company, he was sure it was because he just happened to be [...]

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Get Results: Take Control of Every Aspect of Your Life

Ever feel like your life is careening out of control? Or maybe just that you could get so much more done if you only had time to get organized (or just stopped spending so much time on social media)? If you've ever dabbled in real estate, you're familiar with the term "highest and best use," [...]

Great Fatherly Advice from James Taylor

I grew up listening to and singing along with James Taylor and Carly Simon. In an interview, their son, Ben Taylor (who was on tour with his talented father at the time), said this about getting into the music/entertainment business: “My dad let me know that it’s a blue-collar job, that the glamour of it [...]

To Get What You Want, Say Thank You in Advance

The next time you’re in a situation where you’re not getting the performance out of a person that you need, try thanking them for doing what you want them to do – even if they haven’t done it yet. Most people will respond by trying to earn the appreciation you expressed. For example: You have [...]