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Jacquelyn Lynn

What Did You Say? I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Hear You

How to respond when someone who is hard of hearing asks you to repeat yourself There’s a hearing aid commercial that’s been on the air for a while where the son says, “I love you, Dad.” The dad responds with, “What?” The son raises his voice and repeats himself. And the dad still doesn’t hear [...]

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The Strength and Power of Christmas

To say Christmas of 2020 was different is an understatement of global proportions. And yet, we celebrated. We marked the days on Advent calendars. We spent time with loved ones. Under the cloud of Covid19, we creatively raised funds and organized ways to help those in need have food to eat and presents for their children. Our [...]

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Book Review: Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers

Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers: The Ultimate Frugal Reference Guide for Avoiding Word Trippers and Crafting Gatekeeper-Perfect Copy Carolyn Howard-Johnson Modern History Press This skinny book is fat with great information for all writers—whether writing is your full-time job or a part of your professional responsibilities. Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers [...]

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MockupShots: Create Your Own Professional Product Shots in Seconds

Launch your 2021 marketing efforts with brand new images of your book covers. Creating attractive promotional images of your books and information products takes time, expertise, and money. Even though we have the talent and expertise in-house (thanks to the outstanding photography and design skills of Jerry D. Clement), we use MockUpShots to create shareable [...]

My Book About Donald J. Trump Now Available

Want to write a book about Donald Trump? We’ve made it easy for you! Recently I saw a prediction that between 20 and 40 books about President Donald Trump will be released in 2021. Whether you love him, hate him, or have mixed feelings about him, it seems that everybody has something to say about [...]

Book Review: Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook

Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook: Updated Guide to Protecting Your Rights and Wallet Helen Sedwick Ten Gallon Press This is a legal book that’s actually fun to read. As an author (both traditionally and self-published) and a self-publishing consultant (who has ghostwritten and published books for clients in multiple genres), I can’t say enough good things about [...]

Count the Steps

You Should Know the Number of Steps Do you have stairs in or around your home or workplace? For your safety, know the number of steps in each set of stairs. According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, more than 1 million people per year are treated in emergency departments for stair-related injuries. You’ll [...]

Finding Comfort in a To-Do List that Doesn’t End

Can we ever get everything done? Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’ll ever catch up. No matter how much I do or don’t do, at the end of each day, there’s always a long list of things that I have to transfer to the next day—or maybe the next week. It’s frustrating. Anxiety-generating. And negatively [...]

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Backblaze: Automatic Data Backup to the Cloud, Easy and Low-Cost

If you have ever had a hard drive crash or a computer lost or stolen, you know the importance of real-time data backup. If you haven’t, trust me—it will eventually happen, and you’ll find out the hard way why you need your files backed up to the cloud. There are several good data backup services [...]

The Best Way to Express Gratitude

There’s a special emphasis on gratitude in November. What’s the best way to say thank you? As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches (in the U.S.), there’s a lot of extra conversation about gratitude. And certainly, even in this crazy year of 2020, we have a lot to be thankful for. For this moment, let’s focus on [...]