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Book Review: Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook

Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook: Updated Guide to Protecting Your Rights and Wallet Helen Sedwick Ten Gallon Press This is a legal book that’s actually fun to read. As an author (both traditionally and self-published) and a self-publishing consultant (who has ghostwritten and published books for clients in multiple genres), I can’t say enough good things about [...]

Free Speech vs. Right to Privacy

I have the right to say it, but should I? As an American writer, I am an unequivocal supporter of our First Amendment right to free speech and free expression. I also believe that speech should be honest, but that’s not the rabbit trail I want to go down today. What I want to discuss [...]

Copyright Terms Authors and Indie Publishers Should Understand

Over the years, I’ve worked with authors and clients whose interest in and understanding of copyrights range from oblivious to obsessed. In my opinion, extremes are only good when chocolate is involved. When it comes to copyrights, having a basic knowledge of the terms and related legal principles will help you protect your work, keep [...]

Photo-sharing or Photo-stealing?

Free photo sites are not always free Camera manufacturers like to share images taken with their equipment, so it was understandably awkward when Canon Italy and Canon Spain shared a photo shot with a Fuji X-T1 on all their social media accounts. Then it got worse. Turns out Canon took the image from a website [...]

Stealing Could Get Expensive

The Copyright Alternative Small Claims Enforcement Act (CASE) of 2017 could make it easier for photographers and other artists to file and win copyright disputes. The bipartisan bill would make it easier for musicians and artists to protect their creative work. According to a news release, U.S. Representatives Hakeem Jeffries and Tom Marino have introduced [...]

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Images, Rights and Lawsuits – Oh, My!

Do photographers really get a kick out of suing people? Of course not. But they deserve to be paid for their work. If you use their images without permission or compensation, you might get sued. Photographer John Aldred posted a great blog on diyphotography.net about an “internet entrepreneur” who seems to think that artists put [...]

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Are you using images on your website or in other content?

Is a picture really worth 1,000 words? Absolutely. Maybe more. Pictures are powerful. We live in a visual, fast-paced world. Images grab attention and give the reader an at-a-glance answer to the “why should I read this?” question. They can dramatically improve the effectiveness of almost any written message, including web copy, content marketing, social [...]

The Difference between Rights and Ownership

Just because you have the right to use a photograph or other intellectual property doesn’t mean you own it. And just because someone says they have the right to charge you for using that photograph doesn’t necessarily mean they do. Getty Images is learning this lesson the hard (and expensive) way. We’ve posted a number [...]

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Four Documents That Should Be On Your Website

There’s a lot to think about when you’re building a website—design, functionality, content, marketing and more. There are a few elements your web developer might not think of but your lawyer will. Suzanne D. Meehle I recently had the opportunity to talk with small business attorney Suzanne D. Meehle about how to make [...]

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