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Do Your Research Before You Commit and Pay

Recently a friend asked if I’d ever heard of a particular pay-to-publish company that someone she knew was considering as a publisher for a book. I hadn’t, but I decided to see what I could find out. So I Googled two phrases: [company name] scam [company name] reviews In addition to the company’s website, I [...]

Count the Steps

You Should Know the Number of Steps Do you have stairs in or around your home or workplace? For your safety, know the number of steps in each set of stairs. According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, more than 1 million people per year are treated in emergency departments for stair-related injuries. You’ll [...]

Bomb Threat Response

What happens when your child’s school receives a bomb threat? Of course, the children are probably evacuated. But where do they go? When I was growing up, we had fire drills. Alarm bells would clang, and we would be led by our teachers to a designated place away from the building where we would stand [...]

Does Your House of Worship Need an Armed Guard?

Does your house of worship (church, synagogue, temple, mosque, etc.) need an armed guard to protect members from an active shooter? This excerpt from How to Survive an Active Shooter addresses some of the issues related to protecting houses of worship from possible attacks. It is geared primarily to organizations that do not have the budget [...]

Why You Should Never Try to Call a Loved One in an Active Shooter Situation

You want to know as soon as possible if they’re safe, but why should you never try to call a loved one who is in an active shooter situation? Because that could get them killed. In news stories following the tragic mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, worried parents talked [...]

How to Survive an Active Shooter – 2nd edition

Do You Know What to do in an Active Shooter Situation? How to Survive an Active Shooter 2nd Edition Now Available The motives are varied and not always known but the numbers are clear: Active shooter incidents are on the rise. Even more frightening is that attackers are using a variety of weapons: firearms, knives, [...]

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Training on How to Survive an Active Shooter Helps School

On April 10, 2017, in San Bernardino, CA, a man walked into a classroom where his estranged wife was teaching and opened fire on her. He killed her and an eight-year-old student, wounded another child and then killed himself. This was not a terrorist attack, but a case of domestic violence. It did not appear [...]

What’s in Your Wallet?

Seriously, do you know what's in your wallet? If your wallet was lost or stolen, would you know what was in it so you could promptly deal with it? You may be able to quickly identify your primary credit cards and driver's license, but think about all the things we carry with us that we [...]

Cell Phone Pictures Help Protect Kids and Elderly

Parents: Take a picture of your kids every morning. Use your cell phone’s camera to snap a picture of your kids every morning. Make it part of your standard getting-ready-for-school routine. If something should happen to your child that day (if your child gets lost, is abducted or is involved in an accident), you have an up-to-date image [...]

Survive an On-Campus Active Shooter

Are you a teacher or student? Would you know what to do in an on-campus shooting situation? Mark Gordon, chief of police at Oakland University (Rochester, MI), recently spoke to the school’s professors on how to handle and survive an active shooter. According to a report by Laurel Kraus in the Oakland Post, Gordon offered [...]