It only takes a moment and one wrong choice for lives to change forever.

Choices by Jacquelyn Lynn - front coverJacquelyn Lynn’s debut novel, Choices, is now available.

Driving home before dawn one morning, college student Samantha Lawrence took her eyes off the road for just a few seconds to send a text. She swerved out of her lane and hit Kevin Wyland as he rode his bicycle. In a panic, she drove away.

After the crash, Samantha tried to find out who the rider was and the status of his injuries. She was shocked to discover that she knows him. Not only does she shop at the pet supply store he and his wife own, they are both regular customers of Joyful Cup, a popular neighborhood coffee shop, and friends with the owner, Joy Shepherd.

Consumed with overwhelming guilt and fear of criminal charges, Samantha decided to do whatever it takes to avoid being identified as the hit-and-run driver. Kevin struggled with anger, bitterness, and a crisis of faith as he embarked on the slow process of recovering from his serious injuries.

As their lives intertwined with increasing frequency, Samantha and Kevin both turned to Joy for advice and guidance. Can she help them find the forgiveness and peace they need?

Choices is the first book in the Joyful Cup Story series.

Paperback: $12.99
Ebook: $7.99

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The ebook and audio editions of Choices are available through all your favorite online booksellers. The paperback version of Choices is available on Amazon and at your favorite bookstore (ask them to order for you if they don’t have it in stock).

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