keyboardDo you need an editor or a writer?

It’s not uncommon for me to get inquiries from prospective clients who tell me they’ve already written their book (or blog, article or whatever) and they just need someone to edit it. If that’s the case, they don’t need a writer (or ghostwriter) – they need an editor, and there’s a difference.

A writer creates the work; an editor refines it. And even the best writing can benefit from good editing. Some writers also edit; some editors also write – but you rarely find a single individual who is equally gifted at both. It’s also unusual for a single person to not have a greater comfort level with and preference of one over the other.

A situation I (and many editors) often must deal with that requires tact and diplomacy is clients who think they are writers and only need an editor. Good writing looks far easier than it is – that’s what makes it good.

The ability to organize your thoughts and present them in a way that effectively communicates your message takes more than being an expert in your subject area — it takes writing skills. If an editor tells you that you need a writer, you probably do.

When I’m working with clients as a ghostwriter or content creator, they typically provide the information I need through a combination of written and spoken input. That they might write out some of their thoughts doesn’t mean their material is professionally written and ready for editing. My job is to do the writing so their project is ready for editing and/or production.

Will I occasionally take on a small editing project at the request of an existing client as a favor? Yes, but if it’s more than a short article, I’m going to refer that work to a professional editor.

If you have information you want crafted into a written piece, I can help you. If you’ve already written it and it truly just needs just the final polish of editing, I’ll refer you to an editor.

Writers and editors are two essential resources you need to create your content. Use the right one at the right time for the best results.

Jacquelyn Lynn
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