We’re always looking for new ways to combine Jerry D. Clement’s visual artistry with Jacquelyn Lynn’s inspirational messages—and our latest effort does that as it taps into the hottest trend in publishing: coloring books for adults.

Faith Works Adult Coloring Book Christian Meditations Vol 1Christian Meditations Vol. 1: Faith Works Adult Coloring Book is now available.

Adult coloring enthusiasts will love this collection of 30 beautiful images created from photographs by Jerry D. Clement. A meditation by inspirational author Jacquelyn Lynn accompanies each picture.

The pictures in Christian Meditations Vol. 1 include beautiful nature scenes, children playing, people working, landscapes, streetscapes and more. The meditations are thought-provoking messages based on Biblical teachings.

Christian Meditations Vol. 1: Faith Works Adult Coloring Book retails for $7.95 and is available on Amazon.com. Go here to order.

Contact us for special pricing on orders of 10 or more.

More Faith Works Adult Coloring Books are in development and will be released soon.