Do You Know What to do in an Active Shooter Situation?

How to Survive an Active Shooter 2nd edition - Jacquelyn Lynn - coverHow to Survive an Active Shooter 2nd Edition Now Available

The motives are varied and not always known but the numbers are clear:

Active shooter incidents are on the rise.

Even more frightening is that attackers are using a variety of weapons: firearms, knives, explosives, vehicles and more.

Would you know what to do if you found yourself in the middle of an attack?

How to Survive an Active Shooter: What You do Before, During and After an Attack Could Save Your Life, sets the political rhetoric aside and focuses on the reality: It could happen to you and there are things you can do to increase your chances of surviving.

Since the first edition was published, a number of high-profile, deadly incidents—the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England; the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada; the shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas—revealed the need to update and expand the book to cover situations that hadn’t previously been addressed.

In How to Survive an Active Shooter 2nd Edition, you’ll learn:

  • What you should do when someone starts shooting
  • What you can do if escape isn’t possible
  • Why it’s dangerous to keep your cell phone with you
  • What a kill box is and how to avoid being in one
  • How to defend yourself against an active shooter
  • Why playing dead can get you killed
  • What weapons, other than firearms, attackers are using
  • How to protect a house of worship
  • What you should do before and after law enforcement arrives
  • And more

Available on Amazon and your favorite online bookstore. $9.99 print; $3.99 ebook.

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Reader Reviews from Amazon:

This is a book that is a splash of cold water into the dreaming faces of the cellphone generation. No one wants to think about what really happens in these situations, and the reality is that the perpetrators of these mass killings count on that. Jacquelyn Lynn has given us a resource that could not be more timely. This book is required reading for teachers, employees of any company, or anyone who may find themselves in a horrible situation with someone who wants to kill everyone in the space they occupy; in other words, EVERYONE. No one chooses these situations except the killers, which, until this book, gives them a huge advantage. You will see the sense of the practical advice given in this great book, and it may well make the difference for you and those around you. The advice is simple and straightforward. If you value your life, or the lives of those around you, get this book and study it. Do it today. Tomorrow it could be too late. Sound paranoid? GOOD.


Very practical and useful information. We cannot continue to be blind to the realization that this can happen anywhere and we need to know how we will respond if it does happen. Great guide and can open discussion.


I found this to be an intriguing read that made me less frightened and feel more prepared to deal with the worst. Strikes just the right tone.

Available on Amazon and your favorite online bookstore. $9.99 print; $3.99 ebook.

Go here to order your copy now. 

How to Survive an Active Shooter 2nd edition - Now Available