Words to Work ByMessages of inspiration and motivation based on the teachings of the world’s greatest business advisor: King Solomon.

Our faith is a part of who we are, and we don’t leave it at the door when we go to work.

But sometimes in the mad chaos of today’s business world, we need the peace, comfort and guidance that a brief devotion and prayer can bring.

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Words to Work By was named one of the 2015 Top Ten Reads by Leslie Halpern, a MyShelf.com Book Reviewer.


“This book is a wonderful reminder of who and Whose we are.”
~ Rev. Karen K. Estes, Pastor, DeSoto Presbyterian Church

Words to Work By should be required reading for business and ministry leaders.”
~ Sandi Vidal, Executive Director, Christian HELP

Words to Work By will foster the convergence of business, personal and biblical ethics. Those who choose to read it and live by its content are truly wise indeed.”
~ Rev. Drew Marshall, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church

“In a day when civility, integrity, and common courtesy in the workplace are often trumped by personal agendas, entitlements, and self serving, it is refreshing to read Jacquelyn Lynn’s workplace devotional, Words to Work By. Based on King Solomon’s Book of Proverbs, written in the 10th century BC, Jacquelyn applies this wisdom which lad the foundation for Judeo-Christian ethics and Western culture to everyday workplace situations. The 31 brief devotions offer an excellent format for both personal and group discussion and application.”
~ Rev. Dr. Larry Selig

Words to Work By is a book I’ll keep on my desk and read over and over again. I’ll also be getting a few as gifts for others.”
~ Jeri C., Business Insurance Professional

Words to Work By will cause you to reflect on past decisions, good or bad, and most certainly will guide you toward better decisions in the future.”
~ Jack C. Sprott, Executive Director, McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority