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Your True Source of Innovation and Vision

Three ways to keep your business purposefully innovative “Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person. If you don’t have enough of it, you are out of the game. But if you think your life is about breathing, you’re really missing something.” – Peter Drucker Why does your business exist? Hint: It’s not [...]

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What Did You Start Doing During the Pandemic that You’ll Continue After It’s Over?

Many people have developed new habits. Will they stick? I remember full-service gas stations. When I learned to drive, there was no such thing as self-service gas. You pulled up to the pump, someone came out, fueled your car, washed your windshield, and checked your oil. I resisted the transition to self-service as long as [...]

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MailerLite: Simple, Functional, Customer-focused Email Marketing Solutions

Whether you’re an author or in some other business, email is (or should be) a key component of your marketing communications. Many authors have substantial social media followings, and that’s great. But you still need to build and maintain an email list. Don’t be totally dependent on the whims of any social media platform as [...]

How to Spark Innovation in Your Business

Six ways to build by simplifying Innovation is a cornerstone of successful businesses. It’s an essential part of companies that stay ahead of the market, that turn customers into raving fans, that thrive no matter the circumstances and challenges. A basic business reality is this: There’s no standing still; you’re either moving forward (and growing) [...]

Are Threats and Bullying the Best Way to Share the Gospel?

You can’t force someone to believe I can’t count the number of times I was told I was going to Hell if I didn’t accept Jesus Christ as my savior. Because I didn’t do that until I was in my 30s, I had many conversations with (mostly) well-meaning Christians who focused on the dire consequences [...]

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Snagit: Simple, Powerful Screen Capture Software

I discovered this powerful screen capture software more than a decade ago when a client recommended it. I’ve been a raving fan ever since. At the time, Snagit was fairly basic. It let me take screenshots quickly and easily, and then do simple editing such as cropping, cutting or blurring sensitive information, and adding notes. [...]

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Why Join a Christian Chamber of Commerce?

Most businesspeople are aware of the benefits of joining a local chamber of commerce: Network with other members Develop resources in the community Gain exposure for your business Find new customers Educational opportunities Political and legislative action And the list goes on. Many areas have an abundance of chambers, including community, city, regional, state, and [...]

How to Blog a Powerful Book

Can You Really Blog a Book? The often-heard advice goes like this: Start blogging and after you’ve written a sufficient number of blog posts, combine them into a book. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s not. Full disclosure: I’ve suggested this approach to people who want to write a book without hiring a ghostwriter but find [...]

Busy Day? Make Time for a Nap

If you know it’s going to be a busy day, get your nap out of the way first I love naps. I used to have a sign above my computer monitor that said, “If you know it’s going to be a busy day, get your nap out of the way first.” When I was little, [...]

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My Life is Better as a Christian

I was in my early 30s when I became a Christian. Prior to that, I didn’t actively reject the faith, I just didn’t get it. And my life was fine, thank you. But once I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and began a spiritual journey that has taken me to places more amazing, more [...]