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Book Review: Success Blast

Success Blast: How to Succeed, Triumph, Thrive & Skyrocket to Career & Business Success!
Jack Alan Levine
Great Hope Publishing, $14.95

Powerful, creative techniques to launch a new career or business or boost an existing one

I left the corporate world decades ago—and never looked back—and I’m not interested in building a traditional business. Even so, I was intrigued by the concept of Success Blast by Jack Alan Levine.

Levine shares business and life lessons that he’s learned over his own remarkable career. Some he was lucky enough to learn from mentors and teachers. Others he learned the hard way—by failing and having to figure out how to pick up the pieces.

Success Blast by Jack Alan Levine (cover)Success Blast is an easy read. It’s more like you’re sitting down having a conversation over coffee with the author. Levine tells a lot of stories—tales that will have you nodding, smiling and even laughing as you appreciate the underlying wisdom.

The advice works whether you’re an entrepreneur or you want to climb the corporate ladder, and it comes from both sides of Levine’s career. And it’s not just good advice—Levine does more than tell you what. He explains why and shows you how.

The structure of each chapter is a major part of the book’s readability. If you’ve ever taken a speech course, you’ve heard the advice of: tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. That’s what Levine does.

Each chapter in Success Blast begins with a Snapshot box that tells you what the chapter will cover. Then there’s the chapter. At the end of each chapter is a Take Action section, which is a bullet list of what the chapter told you to do.

This book is a must-read for college students and millennials finding their way in the real world. People who are a little older, such as those in the Gen X and Gen Y categories who are established in their careers, will find something here to give their careers or businesses a boost. And even Baby Boomers who might be winding down their careers will appreciate Levine’s story and message. Read it for yourself and get a copy for someone else.


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