As soon as they’re named, get URLs for your kids and grandkids

I admit: I buy domain names the way I used to buy shoes—more than I need and some I’ll never use. But years ago, I bought some domain names that will be priceless.

That collection of URLs was the .com names for all of my grandchildren.

When they are old enough to set up their own online identity—a website, a blog, a simple landing page—they have a primary digital address ready for them. All we have to do is transfer the URL from my account when the time comes.

If you’ve purchased domain names, you know how to do this.

If you haven’t, you just set up an account with a domain name registrar and follow their instructions. WPBeginner has a great article explaining how to buy domain names and listing some top domain name registrars at How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar.

I chose to buy only the domain names with .com extensions, but you may opt for one or more of the hundreds of other extensions. It’s a personal preference.

Once you own the domain name, you can let it sit or you can set up a website showcasing your child or grandchild’s talents and achievements.

Make sure your children and grandchildren own their digital identity. Register their domain name now, while it’s available. It’s a minimal investment for a priceless result.

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