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“Why?” is the Perfect Response to a Request for a Discount

What do you say when clients ask for a discount? Most small business owners and even a lot of professional salespeople find it difficult to deal with customers who want to haggle over price. In the past when quoting my professional fees, my usual practice was to say that I could only reduce my fee [...]

Adult Coloring Books as a Marketing & Customer Service Tool

Adult coloring books are for more than just coloring. When I first suggested to Jerry that we collaborate on a coloring book for adults, he thought it was a crazy idea. He hadn’t heard about how popular the adult coloring book trend had become, but—good husband that he is—he was willing to humor me. He’s [...]

Terms You Should Know About Content Rights

Do you use content that you did not create on your blog, website or elsewhere? By content, we mean articles and other copy; photographs and other types of images; audio; video and so on. If any of your content is not original, you need to be sure you have the right to use it. If you [...]

Do an Annual Website Audit

Have you ever landed on a website and found information that’s out of date or inconsistent, links that don’t work or images that don’t display? Could there be pages like that on your website? Most business websites these days reflect the rapidly-changing environment in which we operate. New content gets added and old material doesn’t [...]

The Real Cost of Free

I love a bargain. Who doesn’t? Although it may sound good, “free” isn’t always the best deal. In fact, it’s not always even a good deal. Recently I was watching an online training that is part of the benefits of my paid membership in the Social Media Marketing Society. The presenter was sharing some tools, [...]

Do You Need a Celebrity Spokesperson?

We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. Thanks to that, celebrities have made millions of dollars pitching various products. But do you need one pitching yours? I’m writing this as the case of Jared Fogle and Subway is in the news. Fogle didn’t start out as a celebrity. The ex-Subway spokesperson achieved his celebrity status by [...]

A Death in the Family

What Should Employers Do to Help Grieving Employees? It’s not realistic to expect that employees can leave the impact of personal tragedies at home. The effects of death, divorce, accidents, serious illness, or other personal crises frequently carry over into the workplace and must be dealt with. Even the most compassionate supervisors might find themselves [...]

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Cancel that Sales Meeting

Cancel that Sales Meeting -- Hold Sales Training Sessions Instead The difference between sales training and sales meetings can mean an increase in sales performance Instead of holding regular sales meetings, consider holding sales training classes instead. And instead of having your sales manager conduct the classes, have the salespeople themselves take turns doing it. [...]

Retirement: Help Your Employees Plan for and Make the Transition

Retirement is a major transition for employees and a large expense for employers, so it deserves attention. We often think of retirement as “the golden years.” It can be—for those who have planned well for the social, emotional, physical, and financial changes that take place. Those who fail to plan may find that the gold [...]

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On-the-Job Injuries and Deaths: Helping the Survivors Cope

It’s every employer’s worst nightmare: an employee is injured or killed at work. Industrial accidents, or even an employee who has a heart attack and dies while on the job, are traumatic situations for both co-workers and family members. Worse still are homicides that occur in the workplace. Could it happen at your company? Consider these [...]

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