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5 Key Tips for Getting More Book Reviews

Book reviews are an essential element of any book marketing plan. This guest post by Desiree Villena provides some great tips for getting those reviews. Whether you’ve written a brilliant new novel, a life-changing self-help book, or an innovative volume of business advice, you’ll need a plan for getting it into people’s hands. And regardless [...]

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How to Color like a Boss: Gel Pens and Coloring Books for Adults

You remember coloring books, right? They provided hours of entertainment when you were in elementary school, but now? Well now, adult coloring books have entered the mainstream. Not only do fans tout them as a creative outlet, but they also lay claim to their therapeutic, stress-busting effects, too. What’s nice about adult coloring books is [...]

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Excellence is the Only Option

Enjoy this excerpt from the just-released book, Don't Take No for an Answer: Anything is Possible, by Les M. Goldberg. Excellence is the Only Option By Les M. Goldberg I’ve heard average defined as the “cream of the crap.” I agree—it’s the best of the worst. At LMG, excellence is the only option. That doesn’t [...]

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Coaching & Mentoring Programs: What You Need to Ask Before Joining

So you’ve decided to take your business to the next level by joining a coaching or mentoring program with a real estate guru. Having mentored people for over 10 years, I have a few suggestions on what you should ask before joining any coaching program. 1. Are you coaching with the guru himself, or is [...]

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Proofread with a Purposeful Plan

Proofreading often proves difficult. Why? Because for the most part, when attempting to proofread your own writing, you read what you thought you wrote. And even after letting your work “cool off,” it’s difficult to catch every error in a single reading. Unless you’re a juggler accustomed to having six or eight items in the [...]

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5 Ways to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

If you want to promote your books and other information products to a business audience, you need to be on LinkedIn. This guest blog by Sarah Brooks offers advice for promoting your business and yourself on this social media platform. LinkedIn is currently the preeminent general work and business networking site. Sure, there are plenty [...]

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