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Work as Worship Now Available

Can work really be worship? Watch Jacquelyn Lynn and Mark Goldstein discuss the new Conversations book Work as Worship: How Your Labor Becomes Your Legacy. Should people of faith leave their faith at the door when they go to work? Or should they make their work an act of worship and turn their labor into [...]

10 Characteristics High Achievers Have in Common

During the COVID-19 lockdown, members of the Central Florida Christian Chamber gathered on Zoom every afternoon for an hour of sharing and relationship-building. During one of those sessions, I gave this presentation on 10 characteristics high achievers have in common based on information in my ebook, The Mindset of High Achievers. Watch the 10-minute video: [...]

Book Review: The Sequence to Success

The Sequence to Success: Three O’s that will Take You Anywhere in Life Samuel R. Chand Whitaker House It’s easy to misread the title of this book at first glance. Did I really want to read another book promising success secrets that obviously aren’t secrets because if they were, they wouldn’t be in a book? [...]

Book Review: Welcome to The Shivoo!

Welcome to The Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator Laura Bartnick Capture Books When the opportunity to review this book landed in my inbox, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the title. What’s a shivoo? And what does it have to do with creative people and God? Early in the book, Laura Bartnick explains that [...]

Book Review: Will the Real Person Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising Above the Fear of Rejection Gail Porter Redemption Press Gail Porter writes with incredible candor that reaches out to bond with readers from the first page. Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? is delightfully written and well-researched. Each chapter concludes with a prayer followed by reflection [...]

Book Review: Above the Fold

Above the Fold Rachel Scott McDaniel Smitten Historical Romance (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) I don’t usually review romance fiction on our site, but when I was offered the opportunity to review a story about a young woman trying to make it in the newspaper business in the early 1900s, I couldn’t resist. Above the [...]

Book Review: Priceless

Priceless: A Devotional Cookbook Based on Proverbs 31 Vickie Burns Redemption Press Devotions, reflections, a prayer journal, menu plan and recipes—all carefully crafted and blended to help the reader move closer to becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. Blending a devotional with a cookbook is a charming and challenging idea, and Vickie Burns does it well. [...]

Book Review: Focused Backstory

Focused Backstory: The Key to Writing Deep Character Journeys Carol Alwood Fiction authors: Learn how to construct backstories for your characters and use them throughout your novel to build and complete the character arc. I read this book while I was working on the scene outline for my second novel. I was having trouble, and [...]

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Book Review: 10 Publishing Myths

10 Publishing Myths: Insights Every Author Needs to Succeed W. Terry Whalin Morgan James Publishing The best source for information is someone who has “been there, done that”—and when it comes to publishing, W. Terry Whalin has been there, done that, and generously shares what he knows in 10 Publishing Myths. I wish this book [...]

Book Review: The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours: 52 Choices for Happier Lives Barbara Dahlgren Redemption Press   The Choice is Yours is a compilation from a weekly blog Barbara Dahlgren has written for the past five years. The book includes 52 life choices, so it works as a one-year weekly study you can do alone or in a [...]

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