Tell us about your book:

The Poor Snowman is an inspirational, faith-based children’s book that touches upon the beauty of forgiveness, friendship, and love. This warm-hearted tale follows a kind snowman trying to find acceptance in a world full of judgment. But, due to his poor appearance, he is pushed aside. Will he break down from being unwelcomed and unloved, or will his strong heart prove that he is worthy of love?

What inspired you to write your book?

I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas, so quite naturally my first book had to have a wintery theme. I’ve also always had a strong relationship with Jesus and wanted to glorify him with my artistic talents in any way I possibly could. God gave me the idea for the story and the illustrations and words simply flowed out like water. Or I should say like drifts of snow in a soft blizzard!

The Poor Snowman by Diamond Kelley (cover)What are the key takeaways readers will get from your book?

The most important moral of The Poor Snowman is to love others. If someone is outwardly poor, love them. If people judge you because they don’t understand who you are inside, forgive them and treat them with love. The story revolves around the verse 1 Corinthians 13:13 which emphasizes how great love is to not only Jesus but amongst each of us. Love will always have the strongest impact in the end and my story tells this.

What else would you like readers to know about you and your book?

Out of the four other books I have written in my Heavenly Storybook classic series, The Poor Snowman is the one that is dearest to my heart. Not only because it was my first published book, but because of the amazing message it has. I actually dedicated the book to my baby brother and babies alike to hope that he and others will grow up with loving hearts.

Where can readers get your book?

The Poor Snowman is available on Amazon as a paperback/kindle e-book, Lulu Publishing as a hardcover, and from my author website Heavenly Storybook,, as a downloadable PDF.

What other books have you published?

The Foolish Crab
A story of a tiny crab with dreams to build the grandest sandcastle in the world proving dedication and faith can move mountains.

The Shy Moon
A tale about a shy, insecure moon who doesn’t see how important he is to the world until he is able to reveal his God-given purpose.

Fantasma: The Jittery Ghost
An adorable pink ghost who is terrified of everything must overcome everything he is afraid of to save not only his friends but himself from the enemy of fear.

All are available on Amazon (click on the title), at Lulu Publishing or

About Diamond Kelley

Hello, I’m Diamond! A sweet, friendly Christian girl with a love of video games, scary movies, Jesus, and french fries! I became a self-published author and illustrator my first year of college and have been obsessed with writing and building my business ever since. My digital business, Heavenly Storybook, has had a thousand ups and downs that have left me discouraged and almost wanting to give up. But my business is like my baby and I won’t stop nurturing it until I reach my goals. I hope to become a bestselling author one day and to expand my adorable, peaceful, faith-based community to people all over the world.

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