I’ve had a number of clients over the years that have done some significant – and often traumatic – restructuring to their organizations while I was working with them. The process was usually driven by an urgent need to reduce costs and improve productivity.

While these otherwise intelligent, savvy business leaders were usually successful in reducing costs by slashing payroll, they were also successful in reducing morale of the surviving workers. Worse, the staffing cuts often failed to improve productivity.

I saw critical departments deprived of talent and resources because of across-the-board reductions. I saw talented people the companies needed leave for other opportunities because they didn’t want to wait to see if they would be included in the next wave of firings.

The mediocre and marginal workers stuck around – and they continued to produce less-than-stellar work when they weren’t busy gossiping and worrying about when they would be let go.

Something several leaders in downsized companies told me was that if they had taken action sooner, they could have prevented or at least reduced the need for large scale layoffs and drastic cuts.

The lesson some learned the hard way (and others probably never will learn) is that you can avoid downsizing if you’ll get and keep your company rightsized.

Downsize? Rightsize: How to get your company to the right size for maximum productivity and profitability is your guide to exactly what the title says.

Downsizing rarely works, but rightsizing always does.

Downsize? Rightsize is available on Kindle for just $2.99. It’s a quick and easy read that could make a positive difference in the future of your company.

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