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Faith Words Adult Coloring Book Now Available

Faith Words Adult Coloring Book Now Available

Color the words and meditations that will motivate and inspire you every day.

We created  Faith Words: Color the words that inspire you every day adult coloring books as a response to the numerous coloring books we saw on the market that focused on words that were at best ugly and at worst obscene.

As we’ve said repeatedly, we’re not prudes. But we appreciate the power of language, and we don’t understand how anyone can be uplifted and inspired by focusing on negative words.

When we first got the idea and began working on Faith Words, we thought it might be a struggle to come up with enough words to fill up a coloring book. We were so wonderfully wrong!

Faith Words Adult Coloring Book - Color the Words that Inspire You Every DayA few samples from Faith Words:

Faith: Faith doesn’t have to make sense to make miracles. Have faith and let God work in your life.

Humility: As we recognize and respect the dignity of all of God’s people, humility allows us to acknowledge that God created us for His purposes, not our own.

Loyalty: God is the perfect definition of loyalty: He is faithful, even when we are not, and He will never leave or forsake us.

Faith Words 60 words and messages that reflect our Christian faith designed as images that you can color and then use as artwork to decorate your home or workspace. Available on Amazon for only $8.99

What are your favorite faith words? Share them in the comments below, and we’ll use them in a future volume of Faith Words.

Go here to join our Facebook group for adults who enjoy coloring.

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