Have you ever wanted to sit down with a lawyer when the meter wasn’t running and ask questions about how to make sure you won’t get sued for anything that you’ve put (or didn’t put) on your website?

Our latest Conversations book lets you do that.

Is Your Website Legal?Is Your Website Legal? How To Be Sure Your Website Won’t Get You Sued, Shut Down or in Other Trouble is a conversation with small business attorney Suzanne D. Meehle, Meehle Law.

Usually when we think about website content, we’re focusing on marketing, search engine optimization and conversions. But overlooking the legal aspect can put your site and your business at risk.

Of course, anyone can sue anyone else for just about anything, so there’s no way to completely bulletproof your website. But there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your risk and improve your defensive position if the worst should happen.

In our conversation, Suzanne talked about the documents you should include on your site, what you can and can’t say on your website (and on social media), important trademark and copyright issues and more.

Check out our post “Four Documents That Should Be On Your Website” for a preview of what you’ll learn in Is Your Website Legal?

You’ll get the benefit of Suzanne’s legal knowledge and business expertise in this Conversations ebook for just $2.99.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle version (if you don’t have a Kindle, download the free Kindle app).

Join the conversation. Share your thoughts on website-related legal issues below.

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