Life is about coming home.

In our life on this Earth, we go out, we travel, we do interesting, exciting things—and sometimes boring, unexciting things—and then we come home.

It is in our nature to look forward to coming home. Something my husband and I say almost every time we take a trip is how much we love to go and how much we love to come home.

Finding Joy in the Morning - Jacquelyn Lynn Home is (or should be) our refuge, the place we share with our loved ones, a comfortable place where we rest and recharge for our next adventure.

This desire for being home, this comfort we take in that place wherever it may be, is God’s way of helping us understand what it’s going to be like to be with Him in heaven for eternity. It’s built into our language—when people die, we say they’ve gone home to be with the Lord or that God has called them home. And though we will miss our loved ones, we rejoice in the knowledge that they have completed their journey and are indeed home forever.

Think about this the next time you’re on your way home and eager to get there. The pleasure we feel when we arrive at our earthly home is nothing compared to the joy our final journey home will bring.

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