Tell us about your book:

Immanuel Labor – God’s Presence in our Profession is a fresh, comprehensive, orthodox Christian perspective on the theology of work.

This is a solid introduction to this critical subject. It’s well-grounded in Scripture, contains more than 300 inspirational quotes from over 30 Christian writers, offers a wealth of practical wisdom, and includes many personal illustrations from my own faith journey over the past 40 years.

Topics consist of the value of everyday work, why work is so hard, the eternal value of work, finding a job that fits, how we are to work, and implications for those in ministry. It includes a helpful index of 400 Bible references and questions for group discussion or personal reflection.

This book will expand your view of how God can use your unique abilities in the workplace and how His presence with you at work makes all the difference.

What inspired you to write your book?

In the last semester of my master’s degree with Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, I did an independent study on the theology of work. I read 15 books on the subject, compiled a Scripture list, developed a two-hour PowerPoint presentation, and presented the seminar to a group of local college students. After I graduated, my wife suggested I write a book. She believed in me and knew that I had plenty of material in my heart and mind to do it justice. I desired to lay out a theology of work that would easily be understood by any Christian. I wanted to highlight my unique observations about the connection between God’s presence and human work to change lives.

Immanuel Labor by Russ Gehrlein book coverWhat are the key takeaways readers will get from your book?

There is a recurring theme of the connection between God’s presence and human work. We see it throughout Scripture. We see it today in our own lives if we open up our eyes and look for it.

If I could summarize my theology of work in just two sentences, it would read something like this: God created people to be His coworkers in expanding His kingdom on earth. He is present in the work of His children in order to meet the needs of humankind and bring glory to Himself.

The big takeaway from reading this book is a clear sense that God has a purpose for them at their job and that He is present is with them.

What else would you like readers to know about you and your book?

This is a book written for ordinary Christian workers by an ordinary Christian worker. I have been learning and practicing these Biblical principles on work for the past 30 years. It’s personal, positive, and practical so that all Christ-followers who work at a job, at home, or at school can apply these Biblical principles in their own spiritual career journey.

Where can readers get your book?

You can find it on my publisher’s website:, Christian Book Distributors:; Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

About Russ Gehrlein

Russ is a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, and author. He is a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association. Russ received a B. S. in mathematics from Colorado State University in 1980 and an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in 2015. Russ has had a unique career journey, from math education to ministry, to the military. Russ is a retired Army Master Sergeant with 20 years active duty. For the past 11 years, Russ has worked as a Department of the Army civilian at the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He has written 30 articles that have been published in several organizations’ blogs, including the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University, Nashville Institute for Faith + Work, and Made to Flourish.

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