Update Oct. 2020: Just a few weeks after I published this, TechSmith released Snagit 2021 with some great new features. Scroll down to see what they are.

I discovered this powerful screen capture software more than a decade ago when a client recommended it. I’ve been a raving fan ever since.

At the time, Snagit was fairly basic. It let me take screenshots quickly and easily, and then do simple editing such as cropping, cutting or blurring sensitive information, and adding notes.

In the beginning, I used Snagit primarily to grab screenshots that I could use to illustrate points I made in my blogs and to share information with clients and suppliers.

For example, if I saw a mistake in an email or on a website and was inspired to blog about it, I could illustrate my article with a screenshot of the actual issue. If I was trying to do something and getting an error message, I could use Snagit to send an image of what I saw to tech support.

Screenshot of Snagit's create tab

Screenshot courtesy of Snagit

Over the years, Snagit’s developer, TechSmith, added an array of incredible features, including the ability to record videos of what was on my screen. In addition to the tasks I’ve always used Snagit for, I began using it to create video trainings for my audience, capture information from webinars, get clips from digital documents, and more.

When a client needed help doing something in MailerLite (another one of my favorite tools), I logged into her account and did it for her. I used Snagit to record the process, explaining each step as I worked (Snagit recorded my voice along with what I was doing onscreen). Then I sent her the video so she would have it for future reference.

The ways I use Snagit barely scratch the surface of what this powerful software can do. In addition to high-quality screen captures, you can use Snagit to:

  • Create customer training, support, and how-to content, including product information and tutorials.
  • Produce product demos.
  • Enhance your company’s internal communications, including creating employee training materials.
  • Create compelling marketing materials (videos, customized screenshots, and GIFs).

Snagit is intuitive and easy to learn. If you’re one of those people who like to start clicking away, you’ll figure it out quickly. If you want more structured training, the TechSmith Academy includes a free library of videos, tutorials, and guides to all the company’s products.

Snagit screenshotNew features in Snagit 2021

  • Create custom images from templates. Start with Snagit’s templates then add, resize, or delete sections to customize your template.
  • New offset magnify style lets you magnify an area on the canvas to highlight or show image details.
  • Improved simplify tool. Replace text or other distracting or confidential visual elements in an image with simplified objects.
  • More theme options.
  • And more!

I know I’m gushing, but this tool gets better with every release. Try it! You won’t know how you worked without it.

You can try Snagit for free for 15 days. Click here to get your free trial using our affiliate link.

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