I have been vocal about my disdain for and disapproval of Colin Kaepernick’s so-called protest against his country, expressed by refusing to stand for our national anthem.

Besides the fact that Kaepernick is ill-informed and, in my opinion, just looking for attention, he’s being disrespectful to his country and fellow citizens.

Disrespect never produces positive results - Jacquelyn LynnDoes he have the right to do it? Absolutely. Do I have the right to criticize him for it? Yes, and I have. But I’d like to do more.

After reading that Kaepernick had visited a high school to show support for its football team while the players protested the playing of the national anthem by lying on the sidelines with their hands in the air, the idea for the Stand Up for America Challenge was born.

The challenge is simple: For all of you–but especially those of you who are refusing to stand during the national anthem and taking pride in showing disrespect for our flag and country–I challenge you to list five things that are good about the United States, that you love about this country.

Whether you stand, sit or kneel for the national anthem, what are five things that make you proud of the United States of America?

Just five. One for each verse of the Star Spangled Banner plus a bonus one.

Then share your list on Facebook and/or whatever social media platform(s) you use. And if you want to copy them here, I’d love to see them.

Once you’ve created and shared your list, challenge your friends to do the same.

That’s it for the rules.

But a few more of my thoughts:

I am a proud, patriotic American. I know my country isn’t perfect, but it’s the best there is on this planet. People risk their lives to come here. Our citizens risk their lives to help other countries.

Protests and demonstrations can be good—if you understand the issues and are taking other meaningful actions to correct what you believe is wrong. But disrespect never produces positive results. Never.

So take the challenge. I’ll begin:

  1. This is a country founded by people willing to die for what they believed in, and that spirit and commitment exists today.
  2. We have the freedom to practice the religion of our choice.
  3. We have the freedom to be disrespectful–we can refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem, we can even burn our flag in protest.
  4. We have the freedom and right to express our opinions on anything and everything in just about any venue.
  5. We are one of the most generous countries on Earth, always at the front of the line to help when another country experiences a tragedy.

Your turn! Stand Up for America and share your five good things about the USA below and on social media.

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