As the video side of our business grows, we recently decided it was time for a new teleprompter.

The equipment we bought works with our Surface Pro computer, but we needed to purchase software separately. Jerry found the Teleprompter Pro, a great app that works on our computers as well as our smartphones.

Most of the time, we’ll use this app in the studio with the teleprompter equipment set up so our clients can read a script and be looking straight into the camera at the same time. But it also works if you want to record a video of yourself on your computer—just load in your script and your audience will be impressed with how well you speak on camera.

The app itself was inexpensive (only $7.99), easy to figure out and quite user-friendly. But what really impressed us was the service we received from the developer.

Physical teleprompters are built with glass and mirrors that project the image (script) from your computer screen onto a panel that sits in front of the camera lens so you can look straight into the camera and read your lines. But the process reverses your text, so you have to start with the text reversed so you can read it.

The Teleprompter Pro reversed the script but not the controls. This made it difficult for the speaker to control the scrolling of the script. Jerry contacted the app developer through Facebook asking about that and a couple of other small issues.

The developer replied the same day, answering Jerry’s questions and saying that he would add the ability to reverse the controls, but it would take a little time to do the coding. Two days later, he messaged Jerry, saying the coding was complete.

We were wowed!

The app updated automatically and worked exactly as promised. We have spent thousands of dollars on other tech equipment without feeling as valued as this developer made us feel.

Our takeaways from this experience:

  1. Always communicate with your customers clearly and promptly.
  2. If a customer suggests an improvement to your product and it’s possible to do, do it as quickly as you can and let the customer know.
  3. If you’re recording your own videos or podcasts using your computer and you have trouble remembering what you want to say, get this app.

The Teleprompter Pro app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store or from this link:

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