Sometimes life knocks us to our knees.

Not just once, not just twice, but over and over.

When it does, we need to get up and keep going. But first, while we’re on our knees, we should pray.

I’ve always said that God doesn’t care about our posture when we’re praying—what He cares about is that we’re praying. I believe that and my life is proof of it.

But there is something meaningful about going down on our knees to pray, about getting into that special position to talk to God and—more important—to listen to Him.

So the next time it feels like life has knocked you to your knees, before you get up, take the time to pray. Surrender yourself and your situation to God. Wait for guidance so you know what to do.

Then get up and get back in the game.

It might not feel this way at the time, but there is an upside of getting knocked down, whether we’ve tripped and stumbled on our own or been knocked down by other people or circumstances. And that upside is that being down is an ideal time to look up and seek consolation and direction from God.

Find joy in knowing that God is with you and will pick you up every time you fall.

Jacquelyn Lynn
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