People lead, God guides

Recently I saw Peter Lowe give a presentation to a group of Christian businesspeople about building businesses that are God-directed, not goal-directed.

Nestled among the wealth of information he shared was this powerful nugget:

There is a distinction between leadership and guidance. We are called to lead, not guide. God guides.

Your king will lead you; the Lord himself will guide you. (Micah 2:13 – NLT)

We live in a culture that values leaders and encourages the development of leadership skills. Strong leaders inspire people to act together toward achieving a common goal. Leaders are typically empathetic, strategic, and have the ability to persuade others.

God calls us to lead. He does not call us to guide. He guides.

While leaders may organize and direct, a guide shows us the way. While leaders get us enthused about the goal and about working together, a guide keeps us on the right path.

Whether you are a leader or a follower, let God guide you.

Jacquelyn Lynn
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