Small Screen, Big Picture was the theme of a webinar recently offered by Getty Images.

As the world becomes more digital, images become more essential to effectively communicating your message. And as digital users become increasingly mobile, your images need to work across platforms.

Wine being poured with cheese plateHere are the mobile images trends the folks at Getty are seeing:

Point of view. Images are putting readers at the center of the story instead of positioning them as spectators. Wearable technology is giving this trend a huge boost.

Super sensory. Images are appealing not only to our sense of sight, but also to our senses of smell, taste and touch. Images are tangible with a visual texture.

Wonderlust. The Getty team coined this word to describe images that combine adventure and awe on a grand scale, showing the world as a place full of natural magic.

Some additional notes from the webinar:

  • Visuals make it easier to connect with your audience.
  • Professional images are more effective than amateur ones, even when the professional is trying to create an amateur feel.
  • When choosing visuals, think about concepts rather than specific subjects.

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