Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Yahoo!’s copyright/IP agent,
identifying myself as one of the authors whose work was being used on the
CleverHomemaker’s list without proper attribution or permission.


The e-mail I received in response to my initial complaint
told me I had to provide my full name, signature, address, phone number, and
e-mail address – yet that e-mail came from a generic address and was not signed
by an individual. The e-mail also stressed that I had to make my statements “under
penalty of perjury.” It also directed me to a page on Yahoo!’s website that
said my complaint (including my address) might be forwarded in its entirety to
the person who stole my work – and yet I don’t know that individual’s full name
or address. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?


I file the official Notice of Infringement with Yahoo! (no
response yet) and have been advised by the corporate counsel at Entrepreneur
Media that he will be filing a complaint today as well. I don’t know what action
the other writers involved may take.


I’ll let you know when something happens.

Jacquelyn Lynn
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