The Sequence to Success: Three O’s that will Take You Anywhere in Life
Samuel R. Chand
Whitaker House

It’s easy to misread the title of this book at first glance. Did I really want to read another book promising success secrets that obviously aren’t secrets because if they were, they wouldn’t be in a book?

I took a second glance—not secrets, but sequence. That was different.

Samuel R. Chand explains his three O’s theory in the introduction, so I’m not giving away any secrets by sharing them here. He says there is a clear sequence to success: observation, opinion, and opportunity.

… virtually all of us can trace our current situations back to three crucial engagements: someone observed us, formed a positive opinion of us, and then said, “I think you’d be good at… Let me give you this opportunity.”

Think about it: People are always watching us. What do they see?

We also need to watch other people and let them know we see them.

The Sequence to Success has a strong focus on leadership, which is Chand’s area of expertise. It’s a valuable message for any organization–businesses, churches, non-profits–as well as individuals.

Using a mix of faith-based and secular examples to illustrate his points, Chand discusses common mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them. For example, he says it’s up to leaders to clearly articulate the why behind what they are asking people to do. And they need to pay attention to make sure everyone understands it and spend more time explaining to those who don’t.

The tools Chand provides can be used for self-development as well as to guide others. We all have room to grow, and creating opportunities for others is one of the most effective ways to build success for ourselves.

All of us can improve. None of us has arrived. We can hone the skill of observation so that we become more perceptive and effective in all of our relationships. It all starts with opening our eyes and ears to notice the words, expressions, and body language of the people around us.

The Sequence to Success is an easy yet profound read. It’s clear and well-structured. You’ll be able to immediately apply Chand’s advice and see results.

Someone out there holds the key to your future. … You hold the key to many people’s futures.

When you finish The Sequence to Success, you’ll know where the keys are and how to use them to unlock an infinite number of doors.

About the Book

The Sequence to Success by Samuel R Chand (cover)Book: The Sequence to Success
Author: Samuel R. Chand
Genre: Christian non-fiction, self-help
Release Date: February 2020

Every one of us gets anywhere in life due to three things: someone observes us, forms an opinion about us, and decides to give us an opportunity…or not. Likewise, we do the same thing with others. People have played this essential role in our lives, and we play it in the lives of those around us—and no matter how skilled we’ve become, we can play it even better.

The sequence applies in business, the church, marriages, parenting, and friendships. We often assess others in the blink of an eye. We instinctively notice the look on someone’s face, the tone of voice, or the body language that’s consistent or different from the words being spoken. We react to our observation, but we seldom stop to analyze before we respond—it just happens, and it happens immediately: we observe and have an opinion, and based on what we’ve determined in that second, we either give the person an opportunity to engage with us or we close the door and remain guarded.

The Sequence to Success: Three O’s That Will Take You Anywhere in Life is a leadership book, but it’s not limited to corporate presidents, CEOs, or lead pastors; it’s for everyone who has a position of influence in another person’s life—and that includes all of us. In this book, Sam Chand brings our subconscious assumptions into the light. With more insight and confidence, you’ll make better decisions to advance the people around you…or perhaps show them the door. These principles also help you become more conscious that people are observing you and forming opinions about you that will open or close doors of opportunity.

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About the Author

Samuel R. Chand (photo) Sam Chand’s singular vision for his life is to help others succeed. A prolific author and renowned international leadership consultant, he speaks regularly at conferences, corporations, business roundtables, seminars, and other leadership development opportunities.

Being raised in a pastor’s home in India has uniquely equipped Sam to share his passion to mentor, develop, and inspire leaders to break all limits. He has been called a dream releaser, leadership architect, and change strategist.

In the 1970s, as a student at Beulah Heights College, Sam served as a janitor, cook, and dishwasher to finance his education. He returned in 1989 as president—and under his leadership, Beulah Heights University became the country’s largest predominantly African-American Christian college.

Sam holds an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Beulah Heights University, an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Heritage Bible College, a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Grace Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Education from Beulah Heights. He has mentored leaders in churches and ministries as well as international corporations and business start-ups. He was named one of the top thirty global leadership gurus by

Sam has authored more than a dozen books on leadership, including New Thinking, New Future; Culture Catalyst; Bigger Faster Leadership; Leadership Pain; Who’s Holding Your Ladder?; What’s Shakin’ Your Ladder?; and 12 Success Factors of an Organization.

For more information or to connect with Sam, please visit

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Success in life comes when we understand how observations lead to opinions that can open doors of opportunity or slam them shut.

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