Welcome to The Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator
Laura Bartnick
Capture Books

When the opportunity to review this book landed in my inbox, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the title. What’s a shivoo? And what does it have to do with creative people and God?

Early in the book, Laura Bartnick explains that shivoo is Australian lingo for boisterous party. She writes:

It depicts not only the sounds and tastes of a world of imaginative process, but it also depicts the finale, the glorification of the Christian creatives and our artwork––when our words and worlds collide together––with our Creator in glory.

Bartnick explains that creativity is important to God and without it, nothing exists.

Each chapter focuses on Bartnick’s rules for being a successful creative. For example, rule 1 is: “Determine to mimic the Creator’s priorities creating original things with the Spirit of the living God and improving things for others, guided by His Word.” Rule 2 is to acknowledge our Creator as the source of our creativity.

This is a book about how creatives (authors, photographers, painters, musicians, dancers, sculptors, etc.) can use God and the Bible to enhance our work. Bartnick writes:

Being creative as a Christian is just as spiritual a discipline as giving to the poor or taking care of one’s parents in their old age.

It’s a message that can be used by anyone, not only those who work in the various creative arts. It’s also not just about being creative, it’s about what you do with that creativity. It’s the message in your writing or painting or music or dancing or whatever. It’s how you use your own creativity to help others, such as someone who facilitates art therapy programs.

Throughout the book, Bartnick includes a lot of thought-provoking questions in the text and callouts. She doesn’t shy away from addressing how contemporary and even controversial issues impact the Christian artist.

She says that God has given us a voice and we should speak through our God-given creativity. We should not let our faith constrict us but rather let it release our creativity. Remember, she points out, that Jesus went out without knowing where He was going.

Bartnick discusses some of the industry events that led me to write The Simple Facts About Self-Publishing and even repeats part of the message that book, which is the importance of quality and accuracy.

In the chapter on nurturing creatives, she addresses another topic near to my heart: Support creative people by paying them fairly for their work and don’t exploit them by using their work without compensation.

Regardless of how it manifests, our creativity is pleasing to God and we should celebrate it. As Bartnick says, Welcome to The Shavoo!

About the Book

Welcome to the Shivoo! cover

Book: Welcome to the Shivoo
Author: Laura Bartnick
Genre: Inspiration/Christian Living/Education
Release Date: January 1, 2020


In the beginning, God created. Should this matter?
Do you find incredible value in your creativity, that is, a reason for being and doing that you could never imagine giving up? Okay then. This book will inspire you to join a spiritual party like no other.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the impulse to create is a reflection of the Creator’s image in you and His will for you. Your impulse to create is paramount! The chapters in this book will provide you pages of new perspectives for evaluating your craft. It will help you communicate what you experience with others. It will transform your creative future. Motivation. Spiritual Gifts. God’s own blessing.
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About the Author

Laura BartnickBartnick has been a youth counselor with Youth for Christ, and a worship musician for many years. She is the managing partner of Capture Books, a small but mighty boutique Christian publishing group. She loves creativity and words. She loves to explore the deeper meaning of the things we casually say to one another, the things we write down. She earned a double degree in Bible and Composition from Montana Bible College and Colorado Christian University and is a truth-seeker and recipient of God’s love.

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This beloved book explains why it matters that “In the beginning, God created.”

A reader coined this title, “The Creator’s Manifesto.”

When you need to find the place of belonging as a creative, look no further than the heart of God. He’s the One Who formed you to be creative in talent, and adventurous in the wild unknown.

Welcome to the Shivoo! This party belongs to Someone bigger than you. Because you are created in God’s image and given specific creative gifts and a life of purpose, you are very special to Him.

Many creatives feel that there is a monkey on their backs, and sometimes that nagging feeling includes the doubt that maybe the terrible distraction is God Himself not wanting them to succeed as a writer or artist. Nothing is further from the truth.

This book is a party and a prayer for the creatives in town.

In Welcome to the Shivoo! creativity begins with the priorities of the greatest Creator, and in that sense of wonder, it moves us into a place of gratitude and thanksgiving. Creativity always begins with a sense of wonder and awe, even a sense of meekness, “Can I do this? I have to try…” In Welcome to the Shivoo!, I try to show that God is the center of a creative’s world, and because of His love and goodness, we have a home and a place to belong. Creativity erupts from that place.

From there, the book shows how there is a Biblical theology for being creative and a means to thrive in creativity. It challenges Christians to be authentic, to focus, to communicate, and to transform. It explains how there is a kingdom language we are charged to learn, as believers, and to use not in a sloppy way, but responsibly. And, it sends us off with an exuberant blessing to go create something and enjoy the process!

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