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Are You Making This Major Email List-Building Mistake?

Do the people who are on your email list really want to be there? Recently I was invited to a home sales party by a friend. She provided the company’s representative with email addresses for her guest list. The salesperson sent out invitations and reminders for the party on behalf of my friend. Because I [...]

Proofread with a Purposeful Plan

Proofreading often proves difficult. Why? Because for the most part, when attempting to proofread your own writing, you read what you thought you wrote. And even after letting your work “cool off,” it’s difficult to catch every error in a single reading. Unless you’re a juggler accustomed to having six or eight items in the [...]

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Teach Your Readers How to Whitelist Your Email Address

Email marketing can be powerful -- but only if your readers know how to whitelist your email address so they receive your messages. In my blog "Do You Check Your Spam Folder?", I suggested that it's a good idea to periodically take a look at what your email system is reading as junk to be sure [...]

Does Your Offer Really Say What You Meant?

When you make an offer either online or through an email campaign, is what you wrote clear enough for your readers to understand? Full disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of Total Wine & More. I like browsing through the store, finding interesting wines and related gadgets, talking to the staff and getting their recommendations. Though [...]

Are You Subscribed to Your Own List?

Do you receive the marketing emails your company sends out? Do you open them, look at the design through the eyes of your customers, check the offers and the links, even place the occasional order or put in a help request? If you don’t, you should. You may be thinking that you pay other people [...]

Do You Check Your Spam Folder?

How often do you check your email spam folder? We represent extremes in our office: I check mine daily, sometimes more. Jerry rarely checks his. I recommend you consider a compromise, such as once a week. In any case, don’t automatically let what’s in your spam folder be trashed by your email system. Without a [...]

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Leave Voice Mail Messages that will Get Your Calls Returned

Recently I received a voice mail message from someone I know professionally. Our relationship isn’t particularly close, we just met through a business networking group. We’ve not actually done business together and we haven’t spoken or even seen each other in about a year. Two issues related to his message prompted me to write this. [...]

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Fall is Almost Here – Are You Ready for Summer?

On August 31, I received an email from Home Depot with the subject line: Is Your A/C System Ready for Summer? Really? My A/C system has been working overtime for months. And the email offered Labor Day savings – on summer A/C service? The end of summer is almost here. Maybe they're getting a head [...]

Is Your Bio Accurate?

A young entrepreneur doing some major hotel renovations in Orlando recently got caught with some inaccurate information in the bio on his company website. He says it was a mistake and it’s apparently been corrected, but the fact that it happened is casting an unnecessary shadow on his reputation and credibility. If you put yourself [...]

Should You Correct a Blog Post?

We all know that the fastest way to find a mistake in something you've written is to publish it. As much as I preach proofreading, I'm well aware that mistakes will slip through. And sometimes what you write is accurate when you publish it but may change later. So the question is: Should you make corrections [...]