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Should You Correct a Blog Post?

We all know that the fastest way to find a mistake in something you've written is to publish it. As much as I preach proofreading, I'm well aware that mistakes will slip through. And sometimes what you write is accurate when you publish it but may change later. So the question is: Should you make corrections [...]

Begging the Question

If you have a question, just ask it. Whenever there’s some controversial issue in the news (and when isn’t there?) and the pundits are engaging in their usual back-and-forth, someone almost always says, “And that begs the question …” and asks a question about the issue or situation under discussion. For example: “That begs the [...]

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Send a Test to Proofread Before Sending to Your Entire List

We all know the fastest way to find a mistake is to hit "send" or "publish" (or whatever means "too late now!"). If you're sending out messages using an email marketing service (I like and recommend MailerLite), send yourself and at least one other person on your team a test email so you can check [...]

Did you say what you meant?

I remember the first time I called a professional service supplier and her voice mail announcement promised she would call me back "at my earliest convenience." My reaction was: Excuse me -- her earliest convenience? I was the customer and she just told me she'd return my call when she was ready without any concern [...]

Make It Easy for Readers to Comment on Your Blog

Most bloggers want comments on their posts, and for good reason. Comments are excellent gauges of reader engagement and great sources of future content ideas. They also have a positive impact on site ranking. So why make it hard for people to comment on your blog? Several years ago, I wrote a book, Words to [...]

Great Blog Content: Write for Your Reader

In a recent presentation to the National Association of Entrepreneurs, I explained how to create great blog content – that is, content that search engines will love and your audience will want to read. Great content is written for the reader – the human reader.     Before you start writing, answer these questions about [...]

Good Info: PR, Blogging, Social Media, Productivity and More

Some blogs with good information worth sharing: Got any other bad ideas? This is a funny post from PR Daily with some valuable advice on how to shop for and deal with a PR agency -- and how PR agencies can identify prospective clients they should avoid. The thoughts can be applied to any professional [...]

Good Info: Book Authors, Speakers, Blogging, Content Marketing

Some blogs with information worth sharing ... Why Nonfiction Authors Should be Speakers: Joel Friedlander says doing live speaking engagements offers nonfiction authors a wide range of benefits, including: Increasing your authority and reputation Access to clients, sponsors and others you won't meet online Opportunities to test ideas before you write about them A vehicle [...]