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Can You Trust Your Ghostwriter Not to Commit Plagiarism?

Plagiarize: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own; use (another’s production) without crediting the source (Merriam-Webster) Recently Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris was accused of plagiarizing a story told by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. President-Elect Joe Biden has been accused of plagiarism several times. Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Haley [...]

How to Market Through Writing

Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Articles and Books One of the ways celebrities add to their fame and fortune is by writing a book—but very few of them actually do the writing themselves. They hire ghostwriters who, in addition to having the talent to write, also have the temperament to work with demanding clients [...]

How to Hire and Work with a Ghostwriter (Part 3)

Evaluating a Prospective Ghostwriter or Collaborator What should you look for in a ghostwriter or collaborator? First and most important, you want someone with good writing skills. Yes, there are plenty of people out there who call themselves ghostwriters who can’t write, so ask to see writing samples from the writers who are candidates for [...]

How to Hire and Work with a Ghostwriter (Part 2)

What a Ghostwriter Is – and Isn’t A ghostwriter is just what the title says: a writer who is not visible to the public. Ghostwriters are not editors, literary agents or publishers. Good ghostwriters will ask you about the market for your book, articles or blog so that they can write to the correct audience, [...]

How to Hire and Work with a Ghostwriter (Part 1)

You’ve got a great idea for a book but don’t have the time or the skills to write it yourself You know you should be blogging but you’re too busy to do it regularly and effectively You’d like to produce information products but aren’t able to get them organized and written You know content marketing [...]

Using a Ghostwriter: To tell or not to tell?

If you use a ghostwriter, should you make it known or keep it confidential? It really doesn’t matter. There was a time when named authors went to great lengths to keep the public from knowing they used a ghostwriter, but that’s no longer the case. These days, it’s common knowledge that most celebrities don’t write [...]

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Your Writing Skills Can Affect Your Income

I'm always amazed when I hear people say things like, "I can't spell" or "I'm a terrible writer" — especially when they seem to say it with so much pride! Of course, we can't all be professional writers, but writing skills count in most careers. The folks at Grammarly (one of my favorite websites and [...]

Is Your Bio Accurate?

A young entrepreneur doing some major hotel renovations in Orlando recently got caught with some inaccurate information in the bio on his company website. He says it was a mistake and it’s apparently been corrected, but the fact that it happened is casting an unnecessary shadow on his reputation and credibility. If you put yourself [...]

How to Generate Revenue and Leads with Ebooks

Generating quality leads is often one of the biggest challenges in marketing. But what if your prospective customers were willing to pay you to receive your basic message and then contact you to tell you they want to know more? That’s what happens when ebooks are part of your marketing strategy. Here’s how it works: [...]