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Intellectual Property

Copyright Infringement is Theft, Period

The recent situation with the Yahoo! list that had used excerpts from at least one of my books without permission or attribution has sparked a number of discussions about when it is and isn't okay to republish someone else's work without specific authorization.One person told me that he thought as long as he wasn't selling [...]

Yahoo! Has Done the Right Thing

Good news: Yahoo! has taken the Clever Homemaker's list down. Applause to Yahoo! for demonstrating respect for intellectual property rights. I hope the list owner has learned a lesson.I am grateful to Charlene Davis for bringing this to my attention and being responsive to Yahoo!'s requests for additional information. I also appreciate the support of [...]

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Update on the Yahoo! Copyright Infringement Situation

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Yahoo!’s copyright/IP agent, identifying myself as one of the authors whose work was being used on the CleverHomemaker’s list without proper attribution or permission.   The e-mail I received in response to my initial complaint told me I had to provide my full name, signature, address, phone number, and [...]

By |2010-08-04T10:11:39-04:00August 4th, 2010|Intellectual Property, Jacquelyn Lynn|1 Comment

Yahoo! Groups Allowing “Clever Homemaker” List to Steal Other Writers’ Work

Last week, Charlene Davis (my friend, colleague, and occasional co-author) joined a Yahoo! Group called Clever Homemaker. The group has 6,000+ members and Charlene thought the articles the list owner was posting about business were very well-written. Then she recognized one of the articles — it was actually excerpt from one of my books on [...]

Copyright Myths Explained

I can’t count the times over the years when my clients and associates have either done something or asked me to do something that violates someone else’s copyright—and most of the time, it’s done in innocence. I recently came across a great article that explains some of the myths that many people believe about copyrights. [...]